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"name": "W3C Digital Verification Community Group",
"tagline": "Increasing trust on the Web, one spec at a time",
"body": "### The W3C Digital Verification Community Group\r\n\r\nThe mission of the [W3C Digital Verification Community Group]( is to study, design, implement, and deploy systems that increase trust on the Web. These systems include, but are not limited to signature systems, data normalization algorithms, and computational proof systems.\r\n\r\n### Specification\r\n\r\nThe group is currently incubating, implementing, and deploying the following specifications:\r\n\r\n* [Linked Data Signatures]( - Describes a mechanism for ensuring the authenticity and integrity of linked data documents using digital signatures.\r\n* [2016 RSA Signature Suite]( - Signature Suite for RSA 2016.\r\n* [2016 Koblitz Elliptic Curve Suite]( - Signature Suite for the Koblitz Elliptic Curve 2016.\r\n* [2016 Redaction Signature Suite]( - Signature Suite created in 2016 for performing Redacted signatures.\r\n* [2016 Pseudonymous Signature Suite]( - Signature Suite for Pseudonymous 2016 signatures.\r\n",
"note": "Don't delete this file! It's used internally to help with page regeneration."
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