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The Linked Data Security Vocabulary
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Security Vocabulary

This repository contains the Digital Verification Community Group Security Vocabulary and a npm package that exports related contexts and constants.

Security Vocabulary

Security Vocabulary specification:

Context Package

The repository contains JSON-LD contexts for the Security Vocabulary. These are also packaged in a npm package for CommonJS and ES Modules. To use with NPM and Node.js, use the following:

npm install security-context

The package exposes two values:

  • contexts: A Map from context URI to JSON-LD context.
  • constants: An Object of shorthand keys mapped to context URIs.
const {contexts, constants} = require('security-context');

With ES Modules:

// use one of the following forms:
import * as securityvocab1 from 'security-context';
import {default as securityvocab2} from 'security-context';
import {contexts, constants} from 'security-context';
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