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Folyd commented Mar 17, 2020

Thank this awesome project that has made cross-platform UI development an easier way in the Rust world.

I know iced is just at a very early stage, we don't have enough good docs yet. We can get started through a set of examples. However, after insight a lot of examples, I still can't get a clear concept and relationship of every single component, such as the Application's lifecycle, when and

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MATLAB is a programming platform for numerical computation and visualization.
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joebeernink commented Mar 16, 2020

Why does Azure.Storage.Queues.QueueClient not have a CreateIfNotExists? This is a really common scenario on app startup and is useful to have a non-exception pattern for handling this scenario.


  • Azure.Storage.Queues.QueueClient not have a CreateIfNotExists? (12.3.0)
  • Hosting platform or OS and .NET runtime version (dotnet --info output for .NET Core
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njacharya commented Aug 16, 2019

A description is incomplete. It should mention:

These patterns are not competing, but complementing each other. To achieve availability, one needs both fail-over and replication.

right after

"There are two main patterns to support high availability: fail-over and replication. "

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Tired of manually scraping your code looking for the smallest issues? Take codebeat for a spin! 🚀

codebeat is an automated static code analysis tool supporting multiple languages used by both web and mobile developers worldwide. Now also providing style analysis for projects written in Swift🔥.

We've integrated SwiftLint, the best linter for Swift in our code review app and fixed you with a help page. about the feature. Enjoy!

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eshellman commented May 22, 2019

Below is a list of failing links in our Russian lists
You can help improve this repo by resolving the problems.

A failing link may be a website or resource that has disappeared. You can submit a PR

  • removing the link (maybe the resource is obsolete.)
  • correcting the link (sometimes things move)
  • replacing the link (make sure the link is authorized, or the resource is open-licensed). Of
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jmatth commented Mar 31, 2020

What version of protobuf and what language are you using?
Version: v3.6.1
Language: N/A

What operating system (Linux, Windows, ...) and version?
Linux (Manjaro)

What runtime / compiler are you using (e.g., python version or gcc version)

What did you do?
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Copy the example code for enums with aliases from [this documentation](http
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The #1 cloud artifact and package repository provider in the world

MyGet provides hosted NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven, PHP Composer, VSIX, Python PyPI and RubyGems feeds for developers, open-source projects and corporate dev teams. Create private artifact feeds for your developers and clients or public feeds the entire world. Upload packages from your build server, any upstream package source, or build, test, and package your code on GitHub into NuGet, npm or PHP Composer packages with MyGet.

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